Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get Ready for a Retreat or Crop

Whether it's your first retreat or 21st, it's a big job getting ready to go. Don't forget this, don't forget that, but...don't bring too much - it goes on and on.

Here's a great article to help get you ready and packed. Written by a colleague of mine, it's a tried and tested method.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pinky Kit


Bazill Cardstock 12x12
1 Dark Black
1 Princess
1 Thunder
1 Lily White scalloped edge cardstock
1 12x12 IP Murray Hill Morgans
1 12x12 IP Murray Hill The Envoy Club
1 black brad
1 pkg IP Murray Hill cotton art tape
1 pkg IP Murray Hill coasters
1 Custom cut alphabet (George font)
1 sheet Beary Block letters - Rosebud
2 pre-punched daisies


3 Bazill Cardstock 12x12
4 Sheets Imagination Project Pattern paper:
1 pkg Dig I t Art Tape
.5 meter green/blue satin ribbon
1 bottle Aqua stickles
2 brads
1 Custom Cut Title

Dad/Stars Kit


A great selection of 3 Bugs paper and Bazill cardstock
4 sheets of 3 Bugs in a Rug Pattern Paper – double sided
1 SEI Blue letters
2 Heidi Swap Star Chipboard shapes
2 Doodlebug frills
1 sheet stickers
1 child temptation saying